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Tim is  is our paid teaching elder. He is married to Rosie and has three kids. He used to be an architect in the UK, but moved into pastoral ministry in his 30's. Before joining the Rope Factory he spent 7 years pastoring a student congregation in Melbourne. 

Merrick Brewer Circle.png

Merrick Brewer

Merrick Brewer is married to Cathy and has three adult children and a growing number of grandchildren. He currently works in a leadership role at Chairo Christian School in Pakenham.  He enjoys his family and fixing up his old car. 

Matt Pennycuick.png

Matt Pennycuick

Matthew lives in Drouin with his wife Kath and 4 children. He currently works as an engineer for a design consultancy company in Melbourne. He enjoys the outdoors riding bikes and running as well as going on adventures with his family.

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